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Hydro Jetting

Free Camera Inspection w/ Drain Cleaning

Think you can clear out a severely clogged sewer line or other pipe with snakes or harsh chemical treatments? Think 

again. Though minor sewer line stoppages can often be eliminated with snaking, when serious roots and other debris 
have taken hold, you need heavier-duty technology, and Katy Plumbing Co in Katy can help.

At Your Service

Our expert technicians use advanced technology to blast away blockages, and restore your pipes to peak  functionality. The techniques are simple and effective. Professionals from Katy Plumbing Co will:
  • Use ultra high power water jets 
  • Inspect pipes for damage 
  • Recommend any other necessary plumbing repairs
Don’t assume that you need to pay for costly pipe replacement or significant repairs. Call the pros at Katy Plumbing Co and ask about hydro jetting.